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Yelko brings clients and businesses together. We are focused on reducing the marketing cost of businesses and make e-commerce simple and easy. We provide healthy competitive market to both business and customers.
Yelko started with the aim to provide comprehensive services to all business. This multi-million company offers you wide range of services to promote your business and make it visible to prospective clients.
We believe on visibility and accessibility of any business to general public. It is important tool to secure market and expand market reach; thus, we offer you every tool to enhance your business. Yelko helps small businesses to grow and big business to be competitive in market place. We align with businesses to give excellent platform where you can perform effectively on a healthy competitive market. Also, we guarantee customers that they will have more option to choose the service they need within this platform.

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Get top-notch online advertisement with us, we take your business above and beyond. We offer promotion schemes, web application, marketing strategies for your business to grow.

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How to Yelko?

If you own a business and want to grow big, Yelko is what you need to do. We boost your business, we bring you closer to your customers, we provide you web development services and we do all at affordable cost. It’s not just about listing your business, its Yelko.

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