How to register a Nepal domain

To register a new or edit existing '.np' domain, please visit Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. Registry website

  • Start preparing your document checklist to submit.
  • Search for your domain. If available, you can click 'Register Now'
  • Create an account with registry website.
  • Wait for the verification email and click on the verify link upon arrival
  • Sign in to your account and fill in the required form with required documents. Note: maximum size allowed to upload is 800Kb.
  • Wait for your approval.

For Foreign entities registered in Nepal

  • Domain Registration Request Letter.
  • Certificate of registration of branch or liaison office or
  • certificate of affiliation with Social Welfare Council

For Non-incorporated entities doing business in Nepal such as Permanent Establishments or Non-incorporated Joint Venture Entities

  • Domain Registration Request Letter.
  • PAN registration certificate

For any other entities (local or foreign) having business interests in Nepal

  • Domain Registration Request Letter.
  • Certificate of trademark registration in Nepal or
  • Official filing receipt of trademark application issued by the Department of Industry (to be supported with actual trademark registration certificate within 3 years of domain registration)

For more and upto date information, please visit registry website here .

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